lovey626-sims asked:

I have been following your blog quite frequently for a few years now, and just love, love, love, You take such great photos and so much detail. I was just curious do you edit your photos ? and if so how. I am not looking for a very detailed answer just a general one, and how large is your download folder ? the quality of your stuff is so nice and I find no matter how much I try I end up with long loading times and large download folders. Thanks and I look forward to all you posts n your story

Wow, thank you for the compliment!

I don’t edit my photos, generally. I crop them and occasionally (so occasionally that I can’t remember the last time I did it) I will brighten one that turned out too dark. But I don’t use any actions or filters or anything fancy. What you see on your screen is what I see when I’m playing. 

Right now, my downloads folder is 2.6GB but it’s been much larger in the past. Before I started my rebuild (when I also started over with CC), it was about 14GB. My load time is fairly short right now but I have dealt with long ones in the past. I just had to make a choice between a quick load time and having all the CC I wanted. I’m sure my load time will increase in the future as I still don’t have as much CC as I’d like. If that happens, so be it. I’d personally rather have a long load time than feel restricted with how much CC I can use.

lxsims replied to your photoset “Jacinta has her first crush…and her second! Seeing she only just…”

Seeing as they’re both wearing the same thing, maybe it’s just the outfit she likes! :D (It is one of my favourite outfits for my teen boys!)

Oh dear, it’s so sad that I didn’t even notice they were wearing the same outfit! I’m usually careful with that. LOL, I’ll have to pick something else out for one of them!